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Should I Work With a REALTOR®?

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With the rise of the internet and so much information at your fingertips, you may be wondering if you need to work with a real estate agent. While there are many projects you can do yourself, you’ll want to leave this task to the professionals. Working with a REALTOR® Did you know that not every…

Coronado Holiday Events 2018

holiday decoration

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time for all the end of year happenings! Today we are rounding up some events that you can attend with friends and family on the island. Skating by the Sea Skating by the Sea is one of the most unique skating spots in San Diego. At the Hotel…

5 Restaurants in Coronado

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You do not have to leave Coronado to get a delicious meal. The island is home not only to beautiful views and outdoors activities but also many different flavors for a night on the town or a lovely family dinner. From sushi to brunch, keep reading to find out more! Il Fornaio If you need…

Why Buy a House In Coronado

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Coronado is one of the most beautiful beachside towns in San Diego. Have you ever wondered why you should buy a house in Coronado? There are many reasons why, and in today’s blog post we are going to break them down for you! Activities As mentioned before, Coronado is a picturesque beachside town which means…

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