Are you ready for some spring cleaning? It’s hard to believe it’s that time of year again! Whether you’re looking to sell your home or simply freshen it up, here are some checklist items to add to your San Diego spring home maintenance checklist.

Deep Cleaning

Tackle each room one by one for a deep cleaning. This includes lamp shades, tops of ceiling fans, crown molding and baseboards, the bottom of that kitchen drawer, tracks beneath sliding doors…anything you can think of. The key here is to think of small details that you normal don’t address during your everyday cleaning schedule.


Donating unused items not only does some good for cleanliness of your home, but also for the community. There are many resources here in San Diego, like Father Joes, that will come to your home to pickup unwanted goods. Alternatively, Good Will has multiple drop-off locations through out San Diego. Check their website for full details. Some locations are also eligible for recycling of broken technology…think printers, computers, televisions, and microwaves.

Check for leaks

This is great time to inspect all around your home for leaks. Often, cracks in caulking around windows or tubs can go unnoticed until they turn into a larger issue. Checking these items quarterly helps reduce the chances of an issue sneaking up on you.

As we head into warmer days, you may find your landscaping needing more water. A test of your sprinkler system should be on your spring checklist as well.


Cleaning your windows will give your home a nice extra polish. And don’t forget to give the screens a great scrubbing too! Going the extra mile here can really make an impact on your curb appeal.


While San Diego is typically marked by warmer weather, we did see our own share of rainfall this past season. That means your gutters could be packed with all kinds of leaves. Be sure to remove all debris and flush water through them to test for any leaks. That way, if we do happen to have more wet weather you’ll know the rain will be safely directed away from the exterior home.