It’s no secret that short-term rentals are all the rage, and for good reason. While short-term rentals (think AirBnb, or VBRO) come with their own set of pros and cons, we’re breaking down some of the items you’ll be responsible should you decide to invest in a vacation rental property. 


When selling a home, you want to accurately describe the house. And you want to use the same practice when listing your short-term rental. While there aren’t as many legal ramifications for stretching the truth, there is certainly negative impact from poorly describing the listing. Most likely you’ll be using one of many popular online rental sites, and these give travelers a forum to air their issues. Honesty is the best policy! 

Great Photography

Heres another similarity to selling. Great photography can make or break your homes online presence, and it’s the same with short-term rentals. These photos will live for a long time so investing in photography is a good idea. If you aren’t using a professional photographer, go the extra mile and use your sharp eye. Adjust curtains, move trashcans out of view, take your viewpoints into consideration, and use natural lighting when possible. If you really want to maximize your profits, hiring a professional is a well worth expense.

Keep Your Property Safe

If you’re managing your short-term rental yourself (aka, not having a company manage the listing), there’s some work to be done. It’s more than just getting the rental online and booked. Remember to keep an eye on it when the home is not in use. This is easy if you’re living in the same city, but if the property is in another state you might want to consider finding a company that can assist you in managing. 

Be sure to check your home insurance policy. It’s likely that the policy doesn’t cover short-term rentals, and might not have the additional liability coverage you need. AirBnb has an automatic host protection plan that covers any listing on its site. There are many options for you out on the market, so just be sure to do some research before letting vacationers into your home. 

The Nelson Riddle Team

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